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Festival Waste Facts

Posted: June 19, 2017 2:15 pm

festival waste infographic

Have you ever wondered what is left behind at the average festival campsite every year? As experts in waste collection, we have worked on these types of jobs in the past and through experience and research, we’ve compiled together an infographic all about festival waste.

Left behind at the festival campground every year

Every year, more than 400 gazebos, 5500 tents, 6500 sleeping bag and 3500 air beds are left behind after festivals. Don’t forget about the tent pegs, plastic sheets, tarpaulin, rolled mats and more that go with these.

There’s also leftover food, bottles and cans, plastic and cigarette butts that scatter around the campsites and festival venues.

Left behind at the after party every year

After the after party, there are all sorts left behind, including balloons, electronics, wellies, nitrous oxide canisters, clothes and costumes.

Human waste left behind every year

Festivals are iconic for their portaloos, and with over 2000 portaloos left behind at your average festival, there’s a risk to the environment if streams are contaminated with the human waste. Portaloos need to be transported and cleaned up safely and carefully to make sure that nowhere gets contaminated.

Clean-up facts

Over 800 members are part of the clean-up crew, many of which are volunteers. With all the waste already listed above that needs clearing up, the clean-up can take days to weeks to complete. A staggering £750,000 is spent on Glastonbury’s clean-up and over 800,000 million gallons of waste is collected and cleared from Glastonbury every year.

If you’re managing a festival, get in touch with us for your non-hazardous and hazardous waste solutions.


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